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Meade Chiropractic is now a Florence KY chiropractor and a Highland Heights KY chiropractor!


73 Cavalier Blvd Suite 207, Florence,
KY 41042


2515 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights, KY 41076

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As a local chiropractor, Brandon Meade, DC, has helped countless patients in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area live pain free after suffering back injuries.  We understand you have many options for treatment. 

Brandon Meade, DC

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Low Back Pain Relief Chiropractor in Cold Spring KY 41075
Back Pain Treatment Cold Spring KY 41075

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Do you need a Florence KY chiropractor in Boone County or in the surrounding areas including Erlanger, Elsmere, Burlington, Union, Hebron, Edgewood or Crestview Hills, KY?

Personal Injury, Car Accident Injury Treatment & Whiplash Treatment

Personal Injury, Car Accident Injury Treatment & Whiplash Treatment

Some of the best chiropractors in northern KY would agree that chiropractic care for injuries related to car collisions is an effective form of treatment. Meade Chiropractic offers treatment for neck and back pain relief, sometimes associated with motor vehicle collisions.

For chiropractors in Florence KY and chiropractors in Erlanger KY areas, call 859-640-6770. For chiropractors in Highland Heights, chiropractors in Cold Springs KY and chiropractors in Alexandria areas, please call 859-441-8181.

Ultrasound and Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Ultrasound and Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Low Back Pain Relief

Low Back Pain Relief

Manipulation of the Spine and Extremities

Manipulation of the Spine and Extremities

Feel The Body Adjustment From Head to the Toe

Brandon Meade, DC provides  chiropractic care via chiropractic manipulations and various other treatments. 


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I’ve been going to Dr. Meade for about 5 years now anytime I have a back injury or problem. He has always been able to get me back to 100% within a few visits. Not only is he great at treating the issue but he is very personable, honest and professional. I highly recommend his chiropractic care.

Mike V
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Feel Free From Pain Again

Meade Chiropractic is conveniently located less than mile from I-75, off the Turfway Rd Exit, inside the CMC Office Property Complex and in Highland Heights, KY 41076 at the second stop light off of the Alexandria exit on I-275. Meade Chiropractic is currently accepting new patients.

Affordable Price

Meade Chiropractic provides the best chiropractic services for affordable prices.

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We have the best chiropractic services available in the market.

Safe Chiropractic Care

Meade Chiropractic provides a safe and friendly environment.

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Call Meade Chiropractic (a chiropractor in Florence, KY 41042 and a chiropractor in Highland Heights KY 41076) today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Meade’s service is awesome, I always recommend him to my friends and family. He remembers important details and doesn’t rush appointments. He is an overall great guy and a great practitioner!

    Heather C
    Heather C

    Dr. Meade has completely taken the sharp pain I kept experiencing away through his expertise. I recommend everyone I know to go to him. I’ve never had such great results from a chiropractor before! He truly takes his time for you with every visit.

      Shan R
      Shan R

      Best chiropractor ever. My family and I have been going to Dr. Meade for years. He is kind and personable. Also, very professional and always fixes the issue I am coming in for. Has helped my TMJ so much and lower back pain.

        Nicole B
        Nicole B

        Proper Posture Can Relieve Pain in the Spine

        Meade Chiropractic will address your posture concerns and provide treatment to correct your posture.

        Meade Chiropractic Accepts Insurance

        We are accepting new patients and are in network with almost all insurance carriers. If you are unsure whether or not your insurance covers a treatment from a local chiropractor, call today and we will check your benefits for you.

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