Will my insurance cover
chiropractic care?

As a Florence, KY chiropractor, Meade Chiropractic accepts
most insurance companies. If you are not sure what
chiropractic benefits your policy has, please feel free to call and
Meade Chiropractic will verify your benefits and discuss the with you. If
you do not have insurance, cash payment plans are available.

How Long will it take before I feel better?

While you may experience immediate relief after your first adjustment, each
patient is different and Florence KY chiropractor, Brandon Meade, DC will explain your treatment plan and guide you through your healing process and get you back to pre injury status, as quickly as possible.

What is a chiropractic adjustment/manipulation?

A chiropractic adjustment aka manipulation aka spine treatment, is a safe and effective method to restore the proper bio-mechanical motion to the joints of the spine and the extremities. By restoring the proper bio-mechanical motion, the affected joint complex is able to function properly with improved range of motion, less pain and restored muscle strength.


Can/How does chiropractic help disc injuries?

Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper biomechanical motion and position of the joints of the spinal bones,  If caught before permanent damage, disc tissue often returns to a more normal size and shape by restoring proper motion and position of affected spinal joints.

Are chiropractic adjustments addictive?

No. If you receive an adjustment, you will not become addicted to chiropractic. After an adjustment, many experience relief and a return to what the spine should normally feel like. Often, people continue care on a regular basis so that their spine feels what it should normally feel like. Chiropractic manipulations are not addictive