A Florence KY 41042 chiropractor discuss the ramifications of popping you knuckles.

Cold Springs KY chiropractor discusses popping your knuckles.


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Is Popping My Knuckles Bad For Me?



We all have that friend who pokes their knuckles and then lets out a satisfying pop. You know, the one who does it in movies, in the line for coffee at Starbucks, and even at work. It’s usually harmless, but ask yourself this question: Is it bad for me?

Knuckle-cracking sounds very satisfying-and so harmless

The popping sound is caused by bubbles of gas in the synovial fluid. When you crack your knuckles, it’s actually the sudden release of a bubble of air (or gas) that causes the cracking noise. It’s similar to how you can make a loud noise if you fill a bottle with water and then pop its top off. The pressure difference between inside and outside causes an explosion when released, just as it does with your joints when you crack them.

The popping sound is harmless—it doesn’t hurt at all or cause any pain or damage—but if this habit bothers those around you, try not to do it around others who would rather not hear it!

What’s really going on in there?

The joints in the fingers and hands contain bones, ligaments and cartilage. The joints are surrounded by a capsule that is made up of ligaments and tendons on the outside and synovial membrane on the inside. Inside this joint capsule is a lubricant called synovial fluid that keeps everything moving smoothly.

Joint capsules have nerve endings, which means when you crack your knuckles it will hurt! This pain lets you know that something in there has changed—but it’s not necessarily bad for you to crack your knuckles.

Does it cause arthritis?

The answer is no, it doesn’t cause arthritis. In fact, many people believe that cracking your knuckles helps to prevent and treat arthritis by increasing circulation in the area. The theory is that cracking your knuckles will help to relieve pressure on joints and allow them to move more easily .

Cracking your knuckles may not be as bad for you as everyone says, but it’s not a cure for joint pain either

Yes, cracking your knuckles too much can be bad for you, but it is not going to give you arthritis or make your joints fall off the way many people believe. In fact, popping your knuckles isn’t even a cure for joint pain. If you have chronic pain in one or more joints, seek out a chiropractor who can adjust them back into place and relieve the pressure on them so they’re no longer being irritated by popping sounds.


If you have joint pain, it’s probably best to see a professional rather than popping your knuckles. Whether it’s due to arthritis or other issues, popping them can make the pain worse and potentially cause further damage. If you need relief from your symptoms, look into different forms of therapy like acupuncture or chiropractic care.

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